Wednesday 21 September 2011

Wind farms, Sherburne, ON

I have a new client in Markdale and drove there today to conduct a couple enrolment seminars. It's just over two hours each way mainly through the country.

Along the way, on Highway 10, I passed by the Melancthon EcoPower Centre, which is a wind farm in near Shelburne. It is Canada's largest wind energy installation and is owned and operated by Canadian Hydro.

I had came across them in October and thought they were really cool!

Here are some pictures I took on the way up as I was driving (about 9:30am).

On my way back home (about 3pm), I stopped on the side of the road and took some pictures. Alas, it was raining.

There are about 50 windmills ... quite a sight!


highheeledlife said...

Hubby use to own a hobby farm (hunting and fishing) in Markdale and the windmills are quite interesting along the drive. They are expected to add many more in the next few years... Enjoy the sunshine today... before all the predict rain (according to BT's Frankie Flowers..) xo HHL

Adaptable Kay said...

I've stumbled across one or two of these where I am (Midwest US) and they are most definitely quite a sight to see!

I'm always so curious about them and how they work-maybe one day I'll be able to find out :)

Great pictures!