Wednesday 31 August 2011

Book ~ "Journeys into the Unknown: Mysterious Canadian Encounters with the Paranormal" (2006) Richard Palmisano

From Amazon ~ This fascinating and bloodcurdling book takes the reader through a collection of amazing ghost stories and paranormal investigations across Ontario that have never before been reported. The circumstances behind fifteen unusual cases of hauntings and ghostly manifestations are explored together with the detailed sagas of full-scale investigations into six further spooky inexplicables occurring in or near Toronto.

The book concludes with a look into a complete investigation of a haunting, including a guide that explains the techniques used to conduct a paranormal investigation. The final section that explains the theories behind what a ghost is, how they manifest, and where they hide - challenging the classic theories of life-after-death research. So turn on all the lights, keep your back to the wall, and be prepared to take a journey into the reality of the unexplained.

Interesting stories of hauntings in Toronto and Ontario.

The first chapter has stories of hauntings that had been reported. I enjoyed the second chapter more because not only were they stories of hauntings but they were investigated.

It would have been nice if the author had been able to research the background of the properties to report who the spirits were rather than just having a medium say it who they were.

Do you believe in spirits?

Happy 9th anniversary to Sister Sarah and Joey!

Sister Sarah and Joey got married nine years ago today ... in a lovely park in Halifax, NS!

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Book ~ "Overshadows: An Investigation into a Terrifying Modern Canadian Haunting" (2003) Richard Palmisano

From Amazon ~ In 1995, a young girl living with her abusive mother commits suicide. Shortly afterwards, her spirit returns to the house, only to find her mother gone and strangers moving in. She also finds the older spirits who dwell there, beginning a powerful battle for control of the house - and trapping its new residents in the middle. "Overshadows" chronicles the events of this terrifying multiple haunting but more importantly, it shares the incredible discoveries made during the course of a six-year investigation. This book will challenge and disprove classic theories, and create upheaval in the circle of life-after-death research.

Al and Kellie moved into a townhouse in the spring of 1996 in Toronto. As they were putting their stuff away, they heard a noise of someone coming up the stairs ... but there was no one there. The next day a rocking chair was rocking on its own in one of the bedrooms. The doors to a cabinet kept opening.

With the author (Richard) and Jon (who communicated with the spirits with a pendulum), Al spends a few years researching and discover that not only is the girl who overdosed on drugs still "residing" in the house but there are also other spirits residing there too.

It's an interesting true story.

Do you believe in spirits?

NIKKOR 55-300mm lens

I had a meeting downtown this morning.Link
Afterwards I went to Henry's on Queen Street E to get a couple batteries for my new camera.

I wanted a zoom lens so I also got a Nikon AF-S DX 55-300MM lens. I had one for my old SLR from more than ten years ago. It works with my new camera but I have to use it manually since it wasn't designed to be used with a digital camera (they weren't on the market then). I wanted one that would auto-focus.

I also signed up for a couple workshops that are happening in the next couple of weeks to learn how to use my new camera more effectively.

Exciting stuff!

Monday 29 August 2011

Fran's Restaurant, Toronto, ON (Front Street W)

Deb, Liz and I met for supper this evening at Fran's Restaurant at Yonge/Front.

It was such a nice night and we sat on the patio (it's huge).

Liz had the Legendary Banquet Burger (Classic Franburger topped with melted cheddar cheese & bacon) with sweet potato fries. She said it was good.

Deb had the Baked Macaroni & Cheese (Not your ordinary mac & cheese! Tender pasta with 5 different cheeses [cheddar, parmesan, Swiss, Jack & blue], fresh cream & baked with a herb crust). She said it was very good.

I had Fran’s Chicken Sizzler (Grilled chicken breast glazed with Fran’s Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, bacon & mozzarella cheese). I substituted the fries, homefries or tortilla chips & salsa for healthier white rice. Other than the chicken being cool (it was supposed to be hot), it was delicious and I would get this sandwich again.

Our server was Julia and she took good care of us. She gave us the right amount of attention but left us alone so we could yak. It's been a few months since I've Deb and Liz and it was good to catch up.

Here we are ... me, Deb and Liz.

Liz left a bit early to catch a drive home with a friend. Deb and I sat around and yakked a bit more. When we were leaving, Julia gave us a hug good-bye.

Here are Julia, Deb and me.

With good food and service, I betcha we'll be back!

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Sunday 28 August 2011

Book ~ "Canaduh: Idiots from the Frozen North" (2010) Leland Gregory

From Amazon ~ Gregory sets his sights north to the frozen tundra of Canada to skewer Canadians, in "Canaduh: Idiots from the Frozen North". Inside "Canaduh: Idiots from the Frozen North", Gregory offers hundreds of accounts of Canadian stupidity at its most random and bizarre, starring French-speaking Quebecois, Yukon fur trappers and Arctic Circle Eskimos.

Because the stories Leland chronicles are just that unbelievable, each anecdote, quote, or factoid is presented with relevant background information - including its verified news source.

It's a quick read. The stories are a small page each of unusual things that have happened in Canada.

Book ~ "Strange Days: Amazing Stories from Canada's Wildest Decade" (2011) Ted Ferguson

From Amazon ~ The 1920s were one of the wildest decades in Canada's history, a time of frivolous fads, shocking crimes, and political and social changes that definitively yanked the country out of the 19th century and into the modern age. In "Strange Days", Ted Ferguson revisits dozens of stories that could only have happened in the 20s - tales of serial killers, athletes, con men, crackpots, prime ministers, bathing beauties, and more - all of them nearly too amazing to believe and too entertaining to be forgotten.

Three to five short and snappy stories for each year from 1920 to 1929, most of them we don't learn in history books. It was fun to read some different but interesting tales.

My only complaint is that it wasn't edited very well ... there are tons of typos and grammatical errors.

Saturday 27 August 2011

Williams Landing Bar, Grill & Hub, Toronto, ON

Gord and I checked out a new restaurant in our 'hood, Williams Landing Bar, Grill & Hub, this evening. They opened about a month ago.

We sat on in a corner on the patio.

The restaurant itself isn't that big but it has a huge patio with a view of Liberty Village.

We both ordered pizza. Gord had the Charcuterie ... prosciutto, house-smoked bacon, summer salami, balsamic onions, dates, tomato sauce, classic crust. He enjoyed it.

I had the Pollo Arrabiatta ... house-smoked chicken, sundried tomatos, spicy tomato sauce, whole wheat crust.

We enjoyed our pizzas. My only complaint is that mine could have been a bit hotter because the cheese was starting to settle (it wasn't ooey-gooey).

The service was great. Camille took good care of us.

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Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, ON

Since we were in the 'hood, Gord and I checked out the Evergreen Brick Works.

A site that has known constant transformation — first by two million years of glacial action, later by 100 years of brick making — is being transformed yet again.

This time, Evergreen is turning the buildings of this abandoned industrial site into a lively and engaging community environmental centre that will help create a greener future.

We were too late for the farmers' market (it closes at 1pm) and we walked around the park.

A clay and shale quarry for one hundred years, this 16.5-hectare (40-acre) area has been transformed into a thriving green space managed by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Free and open to everyone, Weston Family Quarry Garden is the back garden to the revitalized industrial pad that is now Evergreen Brick Works.

Spend an afternoon walking along the boardwalks and you’re likely to spot a turtle sunning on a log and fish swimming in the ponds. Look for a great blue heron in the reeds, a family of ducks paddling along and songbirds too. Follow the meandering paths up the North Slope and you’ll be rewarded with an unmatched view of the Toronto skyline. All this in heart of the city.

We walked up the North Slope and, yes, the views are great!

After we walked back down the slope, we walked around the paths around the pond.

This is a artistic map of Toronto with its waterways ... Gord is pointing to where we live.

A great place to spend a couple hours! It was fun to wander around the trails. The view of Toronto at the top of the hill was worth climbing up there for. It was cool to watch the turtles, fish and blue heron.