Sunday 7 August 2011

Toronto Laneways Walking Tour

This afternoon Gord and I did the Toronto Laneways Walking Tour led by Graeme Parry.

Graeme does four walking tours and twelve bike tours of Toronto laneways over the summer and there is no charge. I asked him why he does these tours and he said he finds laneways interesting and wants to share this with others. It's a different way of exploring the city.

I must admit that I never really took much notice of laneways but Graeme has opened my eyes.

This was the route for today's walking tour (which was in our 'hood):

It's about 3.25km at a brisk pace (it took just over an hour). There were about a dozen of us.

We met at the SW corner of Bathurst/Queen W. When Gord and I arrived, Lia Grainger was interviewing Graeme for an article in an upcoming National Post.

We started in the laneway just south.

Our mayor, Rob Ford.

It's a long long laneway running east-west.

We headed north on Palmerston. In addition to graffiti, we also came across houses such as these on Euclid Pl.

We spent some time in the laneway south of Queen W again.

We crossed Queen W again and headed north towards Dundas W on St. Mathias Pl.
We walked west along Dundas W and headed south just east of Ossington.

We crossed Ossington and headed west. I didn't even know this bakery was there. It's not actually even on a street ... it's surrounded by laneways.

Heading north towards Dundas W on Skey Lane.

Heading east towards Ossington.

We came upon a photo shoot as we came out of that alley (at Grove, just south of Dundas W).

Still heading east towards Ossington, south of Dundas W.


Anonymous said...

Cool Tee! Would have never seen this side of T.Dot without this! :)

Cindy said...

That would be an interesting way to see your neighborhood!

Susan Demeter said...

Looks like a great tour, something different :)

JCB said...

SO Cool! Thanks for Sharing

Feisty Crone said...

This looks like an interesting walk! I like all of the art!

Lord of the Wings said...

Great photos - I love the walk too - we take our neighborhoods for granted and its great to slow down (although it didn't seem slow) and take it all in.