Friday 22 January 2021

PG Clucks, Toronto, ON

I've been hearing about PG Clucks on College Street for years but have never gotten around to checking them out.  They recently moved into our 'hood at Queen Street W/Dovercourt.  Gord headed there today to pick us up some lunch.

Because of COVID, I had to order online ... their online ordering system is cool and efficient.

Gord ordered 3 Piece Meal ... 3 pieces of 24 hour brined, double dredged dark meat chicken. Choice of 1 side (he got German potato salad) and spice level. Includes 1 each of ranch & hot sauce.  The chicken was boneless thighs so the meat was tender and juicy.  He said his meal was really good and he'd get it again.

I ordered a Classic Sandwich ... Fried chicken with creamy coleslaw, sweet pickles, buttermilk ranch sauce and mild hot sauce on a potato bun and pasta salad.  I'm not a fan of coleslaw and asked that it not be put on the sandwich.  Not only was it not on the sandwich but it came in a container ... Gord ate it and said it was really good.  My sandwich was good ... the bun was soft and the chicken (also a boneless thigh) was tender and juicy.

We'll be back!  I'll try a fried chicken meal next time.

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