Sunday, 20 May 2018

2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - Annex Cat Rescue

I will be doing the 5km walk at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in support of the Annex Cat Rescue (Crumpet and Muffin were adopted from this rescue).

I would appreciate it if you would considering sponsoring me.

The Annex Cat Rescue is a 100% volunteer charity dedicated to addressing the plight of homeless cats in the Greater Toronto Area by:
  • Humanely trapping homeless kittens and abandoned or stray adult cats for placement in their foster and adoption program; 
  • Feeding and providing medical care for feral cats in designated colonies; 
  • Curbing population growth in those colonies through trapping, spaying/neutering, and vaccinating; 
  • Educating the public on the compassionate treatment of homeless cats and responsible pet ownership; and 
  • Improving urban environments through community cooperation.

The Trillium Park, William G. Davis Trail and Ontario Place, Toronto, ON

It's a warm sunny Sunday (20C) ... a great day to be outside so Gord and I went for a walk.  It's the first fun outing he has had since he had his liver transplant a month ago.

We parked near Coronation Park and walked through it.


We walked a bit into Trillium Park.

The Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail is the province's new landmark park.

Previously a parking lot, the park and trail is 7.5 acres of public green space on a spectacular part of Toronto’s waterfront.

The design is inspired by Ontario landscapes and is the culmination of discussions with people from across Ontario, including the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. As a result of public consultation, key features are included in the final design, including a pavilion and washroom facilities.

The Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail is a first step in transforming Ontario Place into a vibrant, year-round waterfront destination.
  1. William G. Davis Trail 
  2. The Ravine with Moccasin Identifier 
  3. The Pavilion 
  4. Romantic Garden 
  5. Fire Pit 
  6. Bluff
  7. Summit

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Book ~ "Through the Glass" (2011) Shannon Moroney

From Goodreads ~ When Shannon Moroney married in October of 2005, she had no idea that her happy life as a newlywed was about to come crashing down around her. One month after her wedding, a police officer arrived at her door to tell her that her husband, Jason, had been arrested and charged in the brutal assault and kidnapping of two women. In the aftermath of these crimes, Shannon dealt with a heavy burden of grief, the stress and publicity of a major criminal investigation, and the painful stigma of guilt-by-association, all while attempting to understand what had made Jason turn to such violence.

In this intimate and gripping journey into prisons, courtrooms and the human heart, Shannon reveals the far-reaching impact of Jason's crimes, the agonizing choices faced by the loved ones of offenders and the implicit dangers of a correctional system and a society that prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation, and victimhood over recovery. 

In 2005, Shannon was a 30-year-old guidance counsellor and newlywed living in Peterborough, about an hour and a half northeast of Toronto.  When they had met a couple years earlier, Jason had been honest with Shannon and told her that he has spent ten years in prison for murder.  They moved forward with their relationship, eventually getting married and planning on having a family.

Jason hadn't had a happy childhood.  He was a adopted and his adoptive mother was bipolar and abusive and his adoptive father passed away when he was young.  His mother had moved in with her boyfriend when Jason was 18 and found an older woman to be his roommate.  They ended up having a relationship but he eventually killed her after a fight.

A month after her wedding, she was at a conference in Toronto and a police officer showed up to tell her that her husband, Jason Staples, had been arrested for kidnapping and raping two woman ... Jason's "blackness" had resurfaced.

This is Shannon (and Jason's) true story of dealing with the aftermath.  Throughout it all, Shannon and her family supported and forgave Jason, the person, but not what he had done.  In 2008, Jason pleaded guilty and instructed his lawyer not to contest the Crown's application for dangerous offender status. He is currently serving an indefinite sentence in a medium-security federal prison.  Shannon has gone on to remarry and have twins.

I thought this was an interesting story (I don't remember it happening).  Though I know this book was about Shannon and the fall-out of her husband being a rapist and kidnapper, I had a hard time having a lot of sympathy for her.  Yes, she was a victim because of what her husband had done but it seemed like she felt she was on the same level as Jason's victims.  Jason committed some heinous acts yet she chose to stick by him ... she visited him regularly in prison, hugged him, told him she loved him and fantasized having a life with him eventually.

She wasn't sleeping or eating ... I bet if she hadn't stayed as involved with Jason as she had, she wouldn't have been so stressed.  I didn't think it was reasonable that she was offended and hurt when friends and colleagues turned their backs on her, she was surprised when the school where she was working wouldn't let her keep her job, etc.

My Roti Place, Toronto, ON

I was craving a roti today.  I went for a long walk and came across My Roti Place on Queen Street W (at Cameron Street) so stopped in to check it out.  Apparently they have been open about ten days.

I love love love rotis.  Here you "build your own", choosing the roti, filler and sauce.  I got a chicken roti with Superior Butter Masala (the server recommended this sauce).  The chicken is white meat and it's was just meat.  If you want chicken and potatoes (which I thought was standard in a roti), you have to ask ... I went with just chicken.  I like butter chicken but have never it in a roti and it was a good combination.  I ordered mild sauce and there was a bit of a kick to it (I'm glad I didn't get medium).  There was a lot of sauce, though.  I guess I like a dryer roti with more chicken.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Topbox - May 2018

My May Topbox arrived today.

For only $12 a month, you will receive a Topbox with 4 carefully selected, indulgent, beauty products. Then test the products in the comfort of your own home.

Here's what I received ...

Total value = $17.34 value

Book ~ "Missing Her" (2017) Brenda Chapman

From Goodreads ~ Shelley Vincent has been missing for over a year. Her fiancé, Albert Romaine, is desperate to find out what happened to her. With Christmas less than a week away and no plans to speak of, PI Anna Sweet is happy to take the case. 

But as Anna digs deeper into Shelley's past, she uncovers more questions than answers. Why would a woman with everything to live for simply disappear? Was Shelley murdered? And if so, why didn't the police find her body? 

Anna begins to have a bad feeling. She learns that her every move is being tracked ... and she fears a killer is closing in. Whoever holds the key to Shelley Vincent's disappearance isn't talking - and Anna Sweet is running out of time.

Anna and Jada, both former police officers, run a private investigations firm.  Nick is their office manager and is dating Anna.  It's the Christmas season and Anna will be all alone.  Jada is moving into a new apartment, Nick (a part-time actor) is in New York shooting a movie, her father is heading to Florida to spend time with his girlfriend and her sister is Barbados with her new boyfriend.

Anna is hired by Albert to look into the disappearance of his fiancée, Shelley, who hasn't been seen or heard from in about a year.  Everyone assumes she has committed suicide but no one knows why should would do it since she had a loving fiancé, was close to her mother and sister and had good friends.

I've read quite a few books by this author and I liked this one. It's a quick read at about 50 pages. It's set in the author's hometown of Ottawa. I like this author's writing style. It is written in first person perspective in Anna's voice.

Though it's the sixth in the Anna Sweet series, it works as a stand alone.

Vesuvio Pizzeria & Spaghetti House, Toronto, ON

I had an early lunch today at Vesuvio (Dundas Street W/Pacific Avenue).  I used to order pizza from them when I moved to Toronto in 1987 and haven't had their pizza in many years.  I was in the area today and thought I'd stop in.

I love love love pizza and ordered one (personal pizzas are 11 inches) with pepperoni, bacon and pepperoni.  It was a good hearty pizza. 

 It was fairly busy when I left about 12:30pm.

Vesuvio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Book ~ "No Trace" (2016) Brenda Chapman

From Goodreads ~ Ryan Green disappears one day after school without a trace. His family is caught in a living nightmare. Six months later, the police have no leads. Desperate for answers, the parents contact private investigator Anna Sweet. 

The trail has gone cold but Anna doesn't give up without turning over every clue. When a body is found in the woods, Anna and the police fear the worst. 

Who would want to harm Ryan Green and who will be next? Anna's skills are about to be tested to their limits. 

Anna and Jada, both former police officers, run a private investigations firm.  Nick is their office manager and is dating Anna. Jada is on vacation and Nick, a part-time actor, is in Vancouver shooting a movie.  Anna is hired by the parents to look into the disappearance of their son, Ryan, a popular high school student, who hasn't been seen or heard from in six months.

In the meantime, Anna's sister, Cheri, has decided to divorce her husband, a police officer who had dumped Anna years ago to be with Cheri. Anna is concerned how this is affecting their young son. And there are rumors that Nick is dating an actress while on his movie shoot.

I've read quite a few books by this author and I liked this one. It's a quick read at about 55 pages. It's set in the author's hometown of Ottawa. I like this author's writing style. It is written in first person perspective in Anna's voice.

Though it's the fifth in the Anna Sweet series, it works as a stand alone.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Ipsy Glam Bag - May 2018

My May Ipsy Glam Bag arrived today.
  • 4 to 5 beauty products in a collectible makeup bag 
  • Monthly videos showing you how to get the Look 
  • Win free products in contests and giveaways

Subscriptions are $10US a month or $110US for a year.  Shipping is free in the U.S. and $4.95US per month to Canada.

Here is what I received ...

  • Make-up bag
  • SLMISSGLAM N15 Eyeshadow Brush
  • Answer From Black Volume Gold Radiance Cream - 8ml
  • Elizabeth Mott Shimmer Eyeshadow Single (Goldy) - 1.5 grams
  • Pureheals Centella Green Tea Mask - 2 x 10ml
  • Touch in Sol Style Sepia Gel-Liner in Jardin - 0.8 grams 

Book ~ "Bleeding Darkness" (2018) Brenda Chapman

From Goodreads ~ Two murders, fourteen years apart, both shrouded in secrets.

David McKenna lies dying in a Kingston hospital, his children gathered from across the country to say a final goodbye. But the family reunion opens old wounds. David’s only daughter, Lauren, never recovered from the unsolved murder of her high school best friend, Zoe Delgado, fourteen years earlier - or the suspicion that her brother, Tristan, was behind it.

Before David breathes his last, Tristan’s pregnant wife, Vivian, disappears and the Major Crimes Unit is called in to help find her. With Kala Stonechild struggling to reconnect with her foster niece and Woodhouse making trouble for Staff Sergeant Jacques Rouleau, tensions are running high on the team, but they must put their personal problems aside when a woman's strangled body is found frozen on the Rideau Trail.

With a winter storm sweeping the shores of Lake Ontario, the team uncovers unspeakable betrayals that give more than one suspect a reason to kill … and raise fears that the two killings were only the beginning.

As David lies dying in the hospital, his family gathers in Kingston, ON, to say good-bye ... along with his wife, Evelyn, are his daughter, Lauren, from Toronto, his son, Tristan, and his wife, Vivian, from Edmonton, and his son, Adam, and his wife, Mona, from Vancouver.  The family is still living under the shadow of the unsolved murder of Tristan's high school girlfriend, Zoe, years ago ... many think Tristan did it because Zoe had broken up with him.  When Vivian is found murdered shortly after David passes away, the police find it too coincidental that two loves of Tristan have been murdered so look to the family, even though they are grieving.

Police officer Jacques Rouleau is temporarily in charge while his boss is on an extended vacation.  Not only does his team have to solve Vivian's murder, Rouleau also has to manage the different personalities and ambitions of his team.

Police officer Kala Stonechild is taking care of her teenage niece, Dawn, while Dawn's mother is in prison.  Dawn's father has recently been released from prison and Kala uses her contacts to try to find out where he is.  Dawn has always been a loner and is wondering why a popular girl is suddenly paying attention to her.

This is the fifth (and latest) in the Stonechild and Rouleau series and I enjoyed it.  Though it is part of a series, it works as a stand alone and you don't need to have read the previous ones to read this one (there is enough background given).   It's always nice to read a book that is happening in Ontario (these characters live in Kingston and the author doesn't hide this fact).  I liked the writing style and found the storyline interesting.  It is written in third person perspective with the focus on the various characters wherever the action was happening.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

I look forward to reading future books in this series and by this author.

Buon Gusto, Guelph, ON

I had lunch today at Buon Gusto, which is in downtown Guelph.

Cora Breakfast and Lunch, Guelph, ON

I had breakfast this morning at Cora's.

I ordered what I always order at Cora's ... blueberry pancakes.  They were really good.  The pancakes were hot off the griddle and contrasted nicely with the cool English cream.  There were lots of blueberries on top and some were huge!

Cora Breakfast and Lunch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Days Inn, Guelph, ON

I spent last night at the Days Inn in Guelph.

Here was the lobby.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Manhattans, Guelph, ON

I had supper this evening at Manhattans.

When I got there just before 6pm, it was fairly quiet but the tables were booked with reservations so I sat at the bar.

Jamie Mitges was playing piano when I got there ... he was good

I love love love pizza and ordered one with pepperoni, bacon and fresh tomatoes.  It was good.  The crusty was thin and crispy.