Tuesday, 31 July 2012


After we left Langlade, we drove to Miquelon, about 25km away.

Along the way, we stopped to climb this hill.

It might not look high .. but here's looking at our bus from the top.

The views were awesome!

There are hundred of horses on the island and we stopped to hang with some.  When they saw our bus pull up, they came over and our guide, Jean Cloony, gave them some bread.  They were so friendly.

This little guy was shy and was more comfortable hanging with the other horses.

This is Miquelon.  There are about 700 inhabitants. It was quiet and felt empty.  We had 45 minutes on our own to explore.

 This is the grocery store.

 We got back in the bus and hit the road again.  This was just outside Miquelon.

We headed back to Langlade and took the boat back.

It was a fabulous day and a great way to see Langlade and Miquelon.  It would be really difficult to get a sense of it if you try to do it on your own.

Langlade, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Gord and I did a day trip with Chez Janot to Langlade and Miquelon today.

We started on a Zodiak boat ... it's the small black one.

 There were 13 of us and we had to wear life jackets.  Here are Gord and I.

 Leaving Saint-Pierre behind for the 45 minute ride to Langlade.

The land along the way is very rugged.

We saw lots of seals!

 We landed in Langlade and our boat is tied up 'til our return trip.

The day started cloudy but the sun came out and it got hot when we got to Langlade.  We had croissants at Chez Janot.

I walked around a bit ...

Jean Cloony, our driver, took us for a drive around Langlade.

A friend of his has a lovely huge garden.

We headed back across this bridge.

We spent some time by the the Atlantic Ocean.

Residents only live in Langlade during the summer.  Though there are houses, you can stay in a trailer park for free.

We went back to Chez Janot for lunch ... fresh cod, rice, green beans and dessert.

Here are Gord and I after lunch.

It was a cool place to spend some time and explore.