Friday 6 July 2012

Honda Indy 2012, Toronto, ON

The Honda Indy is in town this weekend just south of us.

The racers are practicing and it's free to get in and walk around today.

Gord and I walked through the Direct Energy building to get to the track ... there were lots of cool cars.

We sat in the stands for a while watching the cars speed by before they went back to their pit areas.

 There were lots of shops so you can buy souvenirs.

It was freakin' hot ... apparently 49C at trackside.  A small bottle of water was $4 at the vendors!!!  Thank goodness there were cooling stations.

New this year were the beer sellers.  In the past, you could only buy beer in the beer gardens.  This year you could buy beer from the many vendors scattered around and walk around with it.

We settled in the craft beer gardens on a picnic bench under an umbrella. There was a lookoff nearby so I practiced panning ... alas, not too successfully.

 This is looking down at the track (Lakeshore Blvd. W) and the beer garden.

 There's Gord in action taking pictures from the lookoff.

We hooked up with Gord's friends, Randy and Danny, in the craft beer gardens.  They'd worked together at North York Hydro for many years.

I would have liked to have walked around more but it was too hot (35C ... 38C with the humidity).


Isabel said...

95 is hot. I think we're supposed to get in the 100s next week. Ugh.... Nice pictures though.

Teresa said...

Fun times!