Monday 30 July 2012

Restaurant L'Escale, Saint-Pierre

After all the walking around we did today, we were hungry for lunch about 1:30.

Most restaurants here in Saint-Pierre close from noon 'til 2ish.  Restaurant L'Escale doesn't.  Yay!

We were the only ones there.

We both ordered pizza.

I ordered the Complete minus mushrooms (champignons).  It was different from what we're used to but delicious!

Gord ordered the Bora Bora minus the pineapple (ananas).  He was intrigued by the cream in the middle (it ended up being like a cream you would put in your coffee) and said it was tasty.

We didn't see much of our server which was fine because it gave us time to relax, eat and enjoy a carafe of white wine.

I'd recommend this restaurant if you want pizza.

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