Sunday 29 July 2012

L'Atelier Gourmand, Saint-Pierre

Gord and I had supper tonight at L'Atelier Gourmand.  We thought it would be nice to go to a French restaurant since we are technically in France.

Its a couple blocks from our hotel.  Here we are on the way over ... such tourists!

Here is the restaurant ...

It was a nice cool breezy evening so we sat on the patio.

I ordered the grilled steak.

I had ordered it well-done and it wasn't ...

Our server had dismissed me when I'd ordered it well-done and said it would take 30 minutes ... I was okay with that.  Obviously he didn't honour my request.  He never checked on us and didn't come out onto the patio often so I couldn't ask him to put it back on the grill.

Gord ordered scallops and bacon.

He said it was good but cold.

It wasn't a cheap place ... the prices listed are euros so add another 20% to 30% to get it into Canadian and U.S. dollars.

The service was atrocious and the food not great, especially given the prices ... I wouldn't recommend this place.

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