Wednesday 30 June 2010

Sleeping buddies

Look who are tuckered out from our walk this afternoon ...

Gord and KC

Aren't they cute?!

Humber Bay Park East

Gord and I took KC for a walk around Humber Bay Park East this afternoon. It's been a while since we've been there. It was a sunny cool day so a great day for walk.

There was recently a ceremony at the India Flight 182 Memorial.

Hard to believe that less than 20 years ago, where these condos are were seedy motels.

Here's our walk around the Park ...

Not a bad place to have a snooze ...

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Dominion on Queen, Toronto, ON

We've been hearing about Dominion on Queen lately so stopped in for supper.

We both got a burger and fries ... and it was good!

There was a jazz band playing ... Corkown's Django Jam hosted by Wayne Nakamura.

I'm not a big fan of jazz but they were good!

Here's Gord as we were leaving ...

Dominion on Queen on Urbanspoon

The Céilí Cottage, Toronto, ON

After we left The Roy, we walked to the Ceili Cottage.

We've been hearing a lot about it and watched to check it out.

We watched the end of the soccer game.

Here's the selection of beer ...

It's interesting spot for the Kawartha Farmers ... everything looked fresh!

Gord and I played a game of pool ... ha!

Here's the front patio. When it opened at 5pm, we moved out there to finish our drink.

I'd like to go back on a weekend to check it out ... I imagine it has a fun vibe.

The Ceili Cottage on Urbanspoon

The Bonehouse, Toronto

We walked by The Bone House pet store.

Looking inside, it seemed like they had some cool stuff.

But what caught my attention was this dog in the window.

Definitely a princess :)

The Roy Public House, Toronto, ON

Gord and I walked along Queen Street E and came across The Roy Public House.

It was a nice friendly pub. Mike, the bartender, welcomed us as soon as we walked in and we had some conversations with people at the bar. We watched the first half of the soccer game.

Here's Gord and Mike ...

And me ...

The food looked really good.

Here's Gord ...

And here's me ...

I wish it was in our 'hood!

I'll definitely be back the next time I'm in that area.

Touring Leslie Street Spit ... almost

Gord and I have been wanting to hike around the Leslie Street Spit ... we thought it would be nice to walk to the lighthouse and back.

The Leslie Street Spit is North America's most remarkable public urban wilderness. It is a 5-kilometre long peninsula, built by lakefilling, that juts into Lake Ontario close to downtown Toronto. Started 40 years ago, it was intended to be a breakwater for harbour expansion, which was not needed due to a decrease in lake shipping. Now, the Spit - as it is lovingly called by the people of Toronto - has been transformed by nature into an extraordinary wildlife reserve, where humans can find a car-free refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a quiet time amid unmanicured vegetation.

Since today is going to be cooler (high of 20C), we figured it would be a good day for it.

So we packed a lunch for a picnic and transited over to the east end (about 30 minutes). Then it's a 1.5km walk to get to the park.

At that point, we came to this sign ...

No way!

But we kept going and came to the gatehouse ...

It never dawned us that the park wouldn't be open! Apparently it's only open on weekends.

So we went down a path to get to the water so we could at least have our picnic.

We sat on some rocks and ate ...

Not how we had expected to be picnicking but it was still nice to be near the water.

We'll be back on a weekend to check it out sometime.

Since we don't get to the east end very often, we walked back to Queen E and wandered around Leslieville.

We ended up walking just over 9km and checked out:

Saturday 26 June 2010

Session: A Craft Beer Festival

Gord, Darlene and I went to Session: A Craft Beer Festival at the Sunnyside pavilion today. It was part of the Ontario Craft Beer Week events.

It was raining for the first few hours so we stayed inside.

It featured craft breweries from Ontario and elsewhere in Canada including:
  • Amsterdam Brewing [Toronto, ON]
  • Black Oak Brewing [Etobicoke, ON]
  • Beau’s All Natural Brewing [Vankleek Hill, ON]
  • Brick Brewing [Waterloo, ON]
  • Cameron’s Brewing [Oakville, ON]
  • Duggan’s Brewery [Toronto, ON]
  • Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery [Barrie, ON]
  • F&M Brewery [Guelph, ON]
  • Garrison Brewing [Halifax, NS]
  • Great Lakes Brewery [Etobicoke, ON]
  • Hockley Valley Brewery [Orangeville, ON]
  • Lake of Bays Brewing Co. [Baysville, ON]
  • McAuslan Brewing [Montreal, QC]
  • Mill Street Brewery [Toronto, ON]
  • Muskoka Cottage Brewery [Bracebridge, ON]
  • Nickelbrook Beers [Burlington, ON]
  • Niagara’s Best Brewery [Niagara Falls, ON]
  • Propeller Brewery [Halifax, NS]
  • Thornbury Village Cidery [Thornbury, ON]
  • Tree Brewing [Kelowna, BC]
  • Unibroue [Chambly, QC]
  • Wellington Brewing [Guelph, ON]
There was food including cupcakes, oysters, pulled pork sandwiches (they were good!), meatball sandwiches (so-so), Thai spring rolls, cheese plates, etc.

Because of his teeshirt (it said "Save water, drink beer"), Gord had his picture taken by a reporter for a local paper.

Gord and some beer wenches ...

The music was excellent!

Gord and Darlene enjoying Garrison's beer from Nova Scotia.

They also liked Flying Monkeys' hoppy beer.

It was nice once the rain stopped so we sat outside.

Admission included a mug to take home.

Darlene bought a cool teeshirt.

Here are Darlene and I ...

This guy was having his bachelor party at the festival ...

... and Darlene and I were asked to sign his teeshirt.

My favorite beer was Muskoka Cottage Brewery's cream ale (I hadn't heard of it before). My least favorite was F&M Brewery's strawberry beer (I dumped it).

It was a fun time and I hope they have the festival next year.