Saturday, 12 June 2010

FIFA - England 1, USA 1

The 2010 FIFA World Cup started yesterday.

I don't know much about soccer ... I know when they score and that's about it.

Toronto comes alive when this series is happening. Gord and I wanted to be in a pub this afternoon to watch England and the States play.

A lot of the pubs in our 'hood were jammed so we settled in at Hoops Bar & Grill on Queen Street W (it just opened two weeks ago).

We managed to find a spot at the end of the bar to stand.

Shortly after we arrived, they stopped letting people in because they were filled to capacity. The bartenders worked their butts off!

The majority of the patrons at Hoops were cheering for England and it was a fun vibe.


Lady Banana said...

I am so not a football fan and try to avoid it but it's just about impossible at the moment! lol

Tina said...

i bet the bar people get getting in the way of the screen didnt they!

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Julie said...

I wanted to watch the match but it was over by the time I got out of bed. D'oh!

Teresa said...

There was some soccer watching going on at our place. We are just to lazy to go out.

Siobhan said...

Too much baseball going on to take the time to watch soccer. :X

Lord of the Wings said...

I used to play soccer as a kid. As far as I know it is just score and that's it.

I remember World Cup in Toronto - crazy fanatics.