Sunday, 20 June 2010

KC doesn't love baths like I do!

KC needed a bath ... she really really did!

She was grey and smelly :(

She hates baths so I do it as quickly as I can.

Then I take her outside in the sun to dry off.

You can tell she's not pleased with me ... look at that face!

As usual, she ignored me for a while.

But then she forgave me and had a snooze as I read.

Time for some sun!


Lady Banana said...

Some months ago Mabel trod in some manure in a neighbours garden.

Trying to bathe a cat is an absolute nightmare, thankfully not a thing that has to be done normally! lol

Isabel said...

ha ha. I learned Odie doesn't like baths either. Also, he's slippery when wet.

Teresa said...

That's the look of hate! I'm sure the mood passes quickly.

Fizzgig said...

ohh that look says eff you lady!

Lord of the Wings said...

lol I like how KC blew the bath by laying on the sidewalk!

When we used to bath my dog he too hated it and looked like a drown rat. And they say dogs love water . . .

Tina said...

haha KC was definetely in a mood after! bless.

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