Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My home in Vancouver

My room here in Vancouver is nice.

It's considered a "suite" ... basically it's a room with a wall and door dividing it.

Here's the "bedroom" ... that king bed is all mine! No sharing with a husband, a dog or a kitty chewing my hair in the middle of the night!

And here's the "office" ...

I set up my laptop right away when I got in to check what I've missed during my five hour flight.

Nice touches include the receptionist giving me two warm cookies when I checked in and the valet offering me a bottle of water.


Lord of the Wings said...

The room looks very nice, but the cookies sold me.

And the share-free king size bed.

Tina said...

looks lovely and so homley and welcoming, and the people too

Tina from
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