Saturday, 26 June 2010

Session: A Craft Beer Festival

Gord, Darlene and I went to Session: A Craft Beer Festival at the Sunnyside pavilion today. It was part of the Ontario Craft Beer Week events.

It was raining for the first few hours so we stayed inside.

It featured craft breweries from Ontario and elsewhere in Canada including:
  • Amsterdam Brewing [Toronto, ON]
  • Black Oak Brewing [Etobicoke, ON]
  • Beau’s All Natural Brewing [Vankleek Hill, ON]
  • Brick Brewing [Waterloo, ON]
  • Cameron’s Brewing [Oakville, ON]
  • Duggan’s Brewery [Toronto, ON]
  • Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery [Barrie, ON]
  • F&M Brewery [Guelph, ON]
  • Garrison Brewing [Halifax, NS]
  • Great Lakes Brewery [Etobicoke, ON]
  • Hockley Valley Brewery [Orangeville, ON]
  • Lake of Bays Brewing Co. [Baysville, ON]
  • McAuslan Brewing [Montreal, QC]
  • Mill Street Brewery [Toronto, ON]
  • Muskoka Cottage Brewery [Bracebridge, ON]
  • Nickelbrook Beers [Burlington, ON]
  • Niagara’s Best Brewery [Niagara Falls, ON]
  • Propeller Brewery [Halifax, NS]
  • Thornbury Village Cidery [Thornbury, ON]
  • Tree Brewing [Kelowna, BC]
  • Unibroue [Chambly, QC]
  • Wellington Brewing [Guelph, ON]
There was food including cupcakes, oysters, pulled pork sandwiches (they were good!), meatball sandwiches (so-so), Thai spring rolls, cheese plates, etc.

Because of his teeshirt (it said "Save water, drink beer"), Gord had his picture taken by a reporter for a local paper.

Gord and some beer wenches ...

The music was excellent!

Gord and Darlene enjoying Garrison's beer from Nova Scotia.

They also liked Flying Monkeys' hoppy beer.

It was nice once the rain stopped so we sat outside.

Admission included a mug to take home.

Darlene bought a cool teeshirt.

Here are Darlene and I ...

This guy was having his bachelor party at the festival ...

... and Darlene and I were asked to sign his teeshirt.

My favorite beer was Muskoka Cottage Brewery's cream ale (I hadn't heard of it before). My least favorite was F&M Brewery's strawberry beer (I dumped it).

It was a fun time and I hope they have the festival next year.


Mike Laba said...

Awesome! Thanks for the love on our Cream Ale. Glad you attended this year's Session...great pics!

Angie in TO said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I think I may even go with you next year. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Thanks for making such a delicious beer, Mike :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Angie: It was fun! I don't know if you'd like it, though, since you aren't a beer drinker because that's all there was besides one cider booth ... no coolers, wine, etc. I didn't even see anyone selling water or pop.

Sarah said...

It looks like you had a fun and interesting day!

Tina said...

haha looks like gord had a ball! good you got to keep the glass for memory.

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