Friday, 18 June 2010

Hot Wings Grill and Rib House, Toronto, ON

We didn't feel like making supper tonight so we checked out Hot Wings Grill and Rib House on Queen W.

It recently opened in a former hamburger joint that lasted for about a minute.

It's a cozy spot with booths, a bar and TVs.

We snagged a table by the window ... great spot to people watch. There's Gord on the left.

Gord ordered plain wings with Cajun sauce on the side, which tasted more like a BBQ sauce.

Here are my hot wings and fries.

Though you only get seven wings (for $9.45), they were a good size.

The hot wasn't too hot ... more like a medium. The way our server explained it, hot has more sauce than medium, hence "hot".

The fries were very good ... obviously freshly cut rather than frozen.

The dill dipping sauce was really tasty ... heavy on the dill.

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Lord of the Wings said...

I heard about this place opening! The wings do look good but it's too bad they are so expensive. You're sampling more wings than me lately and I'm jealous.