Friday, 4 June 2010

Book ~ "A Girl Like Sugar" (2004) ~ Emily Pohl-Weary

From - Award-winning author Emily Pohl-Weary brings us contemporary heroine Sugar Jones in a sexy and spirited coming of age tale.

After Sugar’s rock star boyfriend dies, she spends sleepless nights in her basement apartment, watching Parker Posey movies and talking to his ghost.

With her New Age mother and her blue-haired best friend hounding her to get a job, Sugar digs herself out and connects with an eclectic cast of urban heroes.

Camcorder in hand, Sugar stands up to her demons -- real and imagined -- and shakes the awful-sweet boy she loved.

I was attracted to this book because it's based in Toronto ... as it turns out, Sugar doesn't live far from me.

Definitely not a boring cast of characters! And I liked the story and was cheering for Sugar.

I enjoyed it because it was wacky and different and dark.

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