Monday, 21 June 2010

Book ~ "Switch" (2010) Grant McKenzie

From Penguin ~ How far will one man go to save the people he loves most?

Sam White is an out-of-work actor, making a living as a security guard in a shopping mall. He returns home one night to find his house blown up and two body bags being removed from it. He assumes the bodies are those of his wife and daughter, until he receives a call from a man saying they are alive but will only be spared if Sam follows instructions and completes the increasingly violent tasks set out for him.

When he meets Zack Parker, also a victim of the kidnapper, they realize their pasts are connected and the two of them must race against time to discover the identity of their sadistic tormentor—staying one step ahead of the police—to save their families.

Set in Portland, Oregon, featuring the spooky and labyrinthine tunnels underneath the city, this is a fantastically commercial, brilliantly paced read from a debut author.

I like books written by Canadian authors (McKenzie was born in Scotland but lives in British Columbia) and mysteries ... so this book appealed to me.

I started it yesterday and it was hard to put it down!

The chapters are short and snappy ... and I kept saying, "I'll just read one more chapter ... one more chapter".

The pace is quick and frantic and kept my attention. I wanted to know who was behind it and why.

I'd definitely recommend this debut novel ... I look forward to reading his future books.

And I can see this being made into a movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Will Smith.

I received a copy of this ebook at no charge in exchange for my honest review. 


Lorna said...

It's gone on my wish list

Nicola said...

Great! I agree it would make a fantastic movie and fabulous call on Will Smith, he'd be perfect!

I hope McKenzie with have another book out for us next summer!

Grant McKenzie said...

Thanks, Teena. I'm so very pleased you enjoyed it. I can't wait to see it in a book store and I really hope readers will embrace it.

As for Nicola's hope for next summer - I hope so, too. Penguin is waiting to see how Switch does first (so get everyone you know - friends, neighbours, perfect strangers on the street - to buy lots and lots of copies ;-) but I have a manuscript ready and raring to go if they pick me up for more.

Teresa said...

You've been hitting the books alot lately. Thanks for sharing.

tamdoll said...

Adding this to my list on Goodreads! Sounds good & I like a fast-paced book to keep me interested.

Also wondering if all is well in your neck of the woods - my husband called earlier from Toronto to tell me there was an earthquake & now there are Tornado warnings! Hope you're safe!