Saturday, 5 June 2010

Maplewood Farm, North Vancouver, BC

This morning, Leanne, Shirley and Marron and I went to Maplewood Farm, the last remaining farm on Vancouver's North Shore. Officially opened to the public in 1975, it is home to over 200 domestic animals and birds.

Here are some ...

We spent a lot of time in the goat pen because they were so much fun! We named this white guy Spunky because he was running all over the place headbutting the other goats.

This guy was cool ... he was on the top of the rockpile contemplating life.

This peacock was trying to charm the ladies ... he puffed his tail and vibrated. It was awesome ... I'd never seen it before. This lady wasn't impressed.

Then he turned his back to them ...

Still no interest ... they settled down to sleep.

So he gave up ...

Farmer Jim gave us a lesson in milking Bessie, a dairy cow. Then he cozied up to this one.

And here we are leaving ... Leanne, Marron, me and Shirley.

If you are looking for a fun interactive experience with animals, you should definitely check this out!


Tina said...

haha looking at thoese rabbits together they look like a pair of novelty slippers dont they!

Tina from
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Teena in Toronto said...

We thought they looked like big fluffy slippers too!

Tatiana said...

Now that right there is a dream day for me. One day I'll have a hobby farm for sure.