Friday, 4 June 2010

Zone Bowling, Coquitlam, BC

Leanne, Shirley, Marron and I went bowling this afternoon. It was a lot of fun!

I haven't bowled in years. Many many years ago, I was in a couple leagues where we played candlepin bowling ... small balls and ten pins. Today we played with small balls and five pins.

Here's Marron, Shirley and I ... do we look ready to go or what?!

Leanne is really getting into it!

Shirley is giving Marron some pointers.

Marron knocked 'em all down! Yay!

Here's Marron waiting for her turn.

Shirley has the moves!

Marron's giving me some advice.

Don't give Leanne the camera ... here's what happens!

Do I look like a bowling pro or what?!

And Marron looks like a pro too.

Great shot, Shirley!

A spare for Leanne!

A strike for Marron!

We played three games. I won the first one ...

I won the second one ...

Shirley (aka Granny) won the last game ...

Here's Leanne, Marron and Shirley outside the bowling alley.

After bowling, we had supper at a yummy Chinese buffet restaurant called New China Kitchen Restaurant.

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Tina said...

hope you managed to get a few strikes in there! a few of ine usually go down the side pits lol

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