Sunday, 28 February 2010

▌♥ ▌rocks!

Friday, 26 February 2010

The Auld Spot Pub, Toronto, ON

After we left the Cornerstone Pub, we headed for home again ... and came across the Auld Spot.

It's only been opened 2.5 months (there's another one on the Danforth) so we stopped in.

It is a former shoe store (I can remember old lady shoes) and they've remade it into something cool.

We sat at the bar. The bartenders were really friendly.

We looked at the menu and they had interesting things we'd like to check out some time.

We liked it there (good vibe) and we'll definitely be back.

Here's me when we left, bundled up for the cold.

The Hogtown Pub and Oysters on Urbanspoon

Cornerstone Pub, Toronto, ON

After Gord and I left Sneaky Dee's, we started walking towards home.

We came across the Cornerstone Pub. It opened in 2008 but we've never noticed it. So we checked it out.

It's a cute spot and apparently there are bands on Saturday.

I'd stop in again if I was in the 'hood.

Here's Gord as we were leaving ...

Sneaky Dee's, Toronto, ON

Today is Johnny Cash's birthday.

And what better place to celebrate than at a place that has a Johnny Cash booth ... Sneaky Dee's!

Gord and I met some friends there to raise a glass to Johnny.

Here's me, Jen, Roz, Darlene, Karen and Gord ...

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Jack Astor's Bar & Grill, Toronto, ON (John/Richmond)

My good pal, Leanne, is in town. We worked together here in Toronto until she moved in 1997. She lives in Burnaby and I haven't seen her since July 2005. ... way too long! She recently got a new job and was in town for a week of training.

Gord and I met her for supper at Jack Astor's at John/Richmond W.

Leanne had Pad Thai with Shrimp (Thailand's most famous rice noodles with bean sprouts,
fried egg, green onions and a sweet and sour tamarind sauce. Topped with green onions, red peppers and crushed peanuts).

Gord had Chicken Stir Fry (stir-fried slices of fresh chicken breast, peppers, onions, zucchini and carrots. Served with jasmine rice and topped with bean sprouts, green onions, red peppers and crushed peanuts).

I had Thai Chicken Coconut Curry (an authentic recipe – slices of fresh chicken breast, sautéed with pineapple and tomatoes in a spicy Thai red curry and peanut sauce. Served with jasmine rice). Yum!

Here's Gord and Leanne ...

Here's Gord, Leanne and I ...

Here's Gord and I ...

Here's me and Leanne ...

Here's me and Leanne as we were leaving ... it's been snowing all day.

It was great to see Leanne and I hope to head out her way in the next couple months.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I ♥ Canada

I saw this over at Tracey's ...

Gym songs

I saw this just now over at Working up a Sweat in Toronto ...

Here are some of my favourite songs to listen to at the gym ...

Create a playlist at

What are some of yours?

Book ~ "How the World Makes Love ... And What It Taught a Jilted Groom" (2010) Franz Wisner

From Amazon ~ After he was ditched at the altar, the author decided to take his honeymoon anyway (hey, it was already paid for). He enlisted his brother, Kurt, to accompany him and then he wrote a book (Honeymoon with My Brother) about the experience. Now he’s written a follow-up in which he and his brother visit various foreign countries - including Brazil, Egypt, India, and Botswana - and talk to people about love, romance, sex and other related subjects. The book is all at once a travelogue, an exploration of the notion of love, and a story about a man who has somehow managed to turn a humiliating personal experience into a new kind of life. Wisner is a very funny writer when the situation calls for it, but he can also be tender, thoughtful, and wise. A must-read for fans of Honeymoon with My Brother but the book works just fine as a stand-alone, too.

A couple years ago, our street had a book club and one of the books we read was Honeymoon with My Brother. The author joined us during our book club via a conference call which was cool (he enjoys doing book clubs).

In his latest book, he explores what love is around the world while he himself is falling in love with Tracy (who eventually becomes his wife).

It was interesting to read about what people in other countries look for in relationships, the process in getting together, who cheats, etc.

Monday, 22 February 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We'd been getting reports since last week that we'd be getting a storm today.

Hard to believe considering how warm and sunny it was yesterday.

But the snow started about 2pm. We were on our way to breaking records of since we've had very little snow this winter. I was okay with no snow.

Here's at about 4pm ...

Then looking out the window a little while later ...

We are supposed to get about five inches ... it should be interesting to see how much we do get.

Forgotten bank accounts

Could you have some money in a bank account you have forgotten about?

Accounts, regardless of your bank, eventually get turned over to the Bank of Canada.

At the end of December 2008, approximately 1,023,000 unclaimed balances, worth some $351 million, were on the Bank's books. Over 93.5% of these were under $1,000, representing 31.7% of the total value outstanding. The oldest balance dates back to 1900.

Click here to see if you have any unclaimed balances.

I checked for myself and close family members, and alas, we have no surprise windfalls.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Snooze time!

KC is going to be 15 in May ... but she ran around like a puppy at the park today.

Not a big surprise that she settled in for a nap when we got home.

High Park Zoo

There is a small (free!) zoo in High Park so KC and I checked it out.

The practice of keeping animals in the Park originated in 1893, with the keeping of deer.