Thursday, 18 February 2010

Book ~ "Red Blooded Murder" (2009) Laura Caldwell

From Amazon ~ Chicago is the Windy City and these days the winds of change are whipping Izzy McNeil's life all over the map. A high-profile job on Trial TV lands her in the hot seat. After a shocking end to her engagement, she finds herself juggling not only her ex-fiancé but a guy she never expected. And a moonlighting undercover gig has her digging deep into worlds she barely knew existed.

But all of this takes a backseat when Izzy's friend winds up brutally murdered. Suddenly, Izzy must balance the demands of a voracious media and the knowledge that she didn't know her friend as well as she thought.

This is the second of three in a series ... I had read the first one, then the third one and now the second one.

I'd say that this is the weakest of the series. Though I enjoyed the writing style, the story was so-so. I found some of the situations absurd and unbelievable.

It was good to find out how she met Theo (I like him) but I got tired of Sam coming back and forth and whining.

The part with Mayburn could have been left out as it had no bearing on the main story but I guess she had to have him there so he can come back in the third book.

It didn't take me long to figure out who dunnit ... I would have liked more of a challenge.


Lorna said...

I thought Laura Caldwell sounded like a familiar name, so I checked her out on, and I haven't read any of her work. Is it so worth a try that I should skip her up on my reading list, or just add her to the (present) bottom?

Teresa said...

I need to read more! Have a nice weekend.

tracey said...

sounds like an interesting series - this is the genre i like - no nicholas sparks thank you - what is the first novel in the series?
i guess i could just google it...sorry. :)