Friday, 4 June 2010

Burnaby Mountain, BC

After supper, we spent some time on Burnaby Mountain. That's where Leanne and Sam got married in July 2000.

There are some great views!

Isn't this a great shot of three generations ... my pal, Leanne, with her mom, Shirley, and her daughter, Marron?

Marron and I are pointing towards home ... me east to Ontario and Marron southeast to Burnaby.

We had fun at the playground.

Who knew that Shirley was a swinger?!

Marron and I went a lot higher, though.

Five years ago, I pulled Marron's ponytail on this mosaic ... a hug is much better :)

Isn't this a great shot of mother and daughter, Leanne and Marron?

Marron looks like she is taking charge and is going to conquer!

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Sue St Clair said...

Great pics! What a lovely place to call home :)