Saturday, 5 June 2010

Belcarra, BC

After we left Deep Cove, we stopped at a grocery store for supplies and drove to Belcarra for a picnic. Sam met us there.

After we ate, I headed to the water and sat on a big rock for a long long time ... I love love love being by the water.

We walked to the pier and watched people fish and catch crabs.

Here's Shirley, Leanne, Marron and Sam.

And here's me and my pal, Leanne ...

It was such a nice day!


Tina said...

that looks so peaceful. we would have to travel miles for stuff like that round here.

Tina from
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Fizzgig said...

these pics look like a movie setting, where there would be a cabin...and like, jason voorhees and a machete...

but its always a beautiful setting =)