Monday, 7 June 2010

Book ~ "Drinking with George: A Barstool Professional's Guide to Beer" (2010) George Wendt

From Amazon ~ George Wendt and beer have shared a lot over the years: good times, great stories, useless trivia, and a successful show business career. In Drinking with George, Wendt invites readers to crack open a cold one and pull up a seat at the bar as he celebrates the indelible, intoxicating beverage and all its irresistible peculiarities. Spinning hilarious and frank tales of his own imbibing adventures—from taking a first sip of his grandfather’s Bud as a child in Chicago to a beer-fueled impromptu performance with Woody Harrelson and the U.S. Women’s Synchronized Swimming Team—he explores the vast cultural history of brews, tackles basic bar theory, and answers important questions, like:

• What’s the real difference between lager, stout, and ale?
• How do you convert your lady into a beer-lover?
• What do you do when your beer is warm and you want to drink it now?

The next-best thing to a barstool and a pint, Drinking with George is all the fun—without the hangover.

This book caught my eye because Gord is such a fan of beer ... plus I enjoy a pint or two of beer too!

It's a funny high level account of George's life and his love for beer.

There are also other chapters that list 100 expressions that mean "drunk", how to say "cheers" in different languages and some drinking games.

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