Saturday 14 July 2012

Rouge Park, Toronto, ON

Gord and I headed over to Rouge Park in Scarborough this afternoon to hike through some of the trails ... we'd never been there before.

We parked in the Twyn Rivers Drive lot.

We headed north and followed the Orchard Trail, a 2km trail one way.

We left the main trail and followed Little Rouge Creek for the first while ... then went back and forth following the main trail and then back along the creek.

Yes, this was part of our path.

It was 30C (38C with the humidity) and sunny.  I stood in the creek here expecting to cool off but the water was surprisingly warm.

Me and Gord ...

This was at the end of Orchard Trail, which ends at a paved road. 

We had to walk about 0.5km west along the paved road, which crossed over Little Rouge Creek, to get to another trail.

There's a viewing platform in the distance ... we'd end up there eventually.

The start of the Vista Trail, a 1.5 km that would take us back to our car, was at this building which is part of the park.  Alas, it was locked up ... too bad they didn't have a hose or an outdoor fountain so we could refill our water bottles.

Off we headed south on the Vista Trail ...

It's high above the creek so we couldn't get too close to it.

There's the Vista Trail Viewing Platform, the one we'd seen off in the distance.

Great views!

Back on the trail ...

This trail ends at the road, about a ten minutes walk to the parking lot.

To get off the busy road, we jumped back on a trail as soon as we could that would get us to the parking lot.

Great spot for a hike!  We were gone for over two hours.  Next time, we'll bring a lot more water!


Lord of the Wings said...

Looks like an awesome day and hike!

Way Out Wear said...

All that in two hours! Wow how amazing. And I can't believe you hiked in that weather! What a beautiful place to go, so nice you two can hike together - thanks for sharing the lovely photoso

Susan Demeter said...

Great pics! I used to live near the area and am so happy it is now a protected park. :)

As for name change I went back to my maiden name. I was married long time ago and never switched back until recently so as to keep the same last name as my kids when they were small.

Matthew and I are married in spirit so to speak for over 10 years, but may make it legal in another year or two, we're thinking about it. :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a great park!

Teresa said...

What a lovely park!