Monday 30 July 2012

La Chauve-souris, Saint-Pierre

La Chauve-souris caught my eye as we were heading for supper because it claimed it was a beer bar ... and you know how much Gord loves beer!

We stopped in after supper.


 Gord discovered that they had French beer so he tried a Ch'ti and liked it.

Roman (the owner) and his wife recently moved to Saint-Pierre (he is originally from Normandy) and he opened the bar in the fall.  He's a nice fella and it's a cool place so go if you have a chance.

We met three guys who had arrived from Newfoundland for the night ... they were partying hard and having fun!

It's a cool bar with great tunes.

July 31 update:  After our day in Langlade and Miquelon, we had supper here.

Food is ordered from the restaurant next door.

And come through a window behind the bar.

Gord and I wanted something "normal" and we both ordered a burger and fries ... they were okay.

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