Wednesday 4 July 2012

Most prized summer perk?

What would be your most prized summer perk?

According to an article in today's Toronto Star, an OfficeTeam survey of employees reveals flexible scheduling and leaving work early on Fridays are the most coveted summer benefits.

When asked which of the following summer benefits they would most like to have, employees ranked the options presented as follows:
  • Flexible schedules - 44%
  • Leave early on Fridays - 37%
  • More relaxed dress code - 8%
  • Activities such as a summer picnic, potluck - 5%
But few employers have warmed up to these prized summer perks. Only 23% of HR managers interviewed said their company offers flexible schedules during the summer and 20% staff to leave early on Fridays. However over one-third of executives indicated their organization has activities such as a company picnic or potluck.

I'd rather have a flexible schedule and being able to leave early on Fridays than a potluck.  How about you?


Unknown said...

Definitely leaving early on Fridays would be my choice. Hands down!

Way Out Wear said...

When I worked in an office with set hours, leaving early was definitely a preferred summer perk. Sometimes a longer lunch in the sun can be good, but most times you either get too hot or it's too hard to come back.

Excellent post Teena!

Masshole Mommy said...

I'd vote for a flexible schedule I think. Since my kids are so little, I think that would make things easier.

Teresa said...

I'm all about flexibility and early goodbyes on Friday!

Adaptable Kay said...

If I worked, I'd probably say a flexible schedule, too, especially in the Summertime when so much is going on.

Margaret B said...

I'm lucky to work for a company that gives us a four day long weekend instead of a three day one. We don't have half-day Fridays during the summer, but the long-weekend extra day is very well-met. No need to take an extra vacation day to get a quality break!