Monday 25 January 2021

Sunnyside Boardwalk and Sheldon Lookout, Toronto, ON

It was a sunny crisp day (0C) and I wanted to get outside for a walk.  I drove about ten minutes away and parked near Sunnyside Pavilion and walked towards Sheldon Lookout and back.  There were lots of birds in the water.

I walked along the Sunnyside Boardwalk.

It hasn't been that cold
so I was surprised to see part of the lake frozen
No need for lifeguards today
I was wondering how people
were able to get to the end of break wall

I crossed the Humber Bay Arch Bridge and spent some time in a chair on Sheldon Lookout.

Then I headed back across the bridge and followed the boardwalk back to my car.

More people on the break wall!  How?!
Mystery solved ... the water level is so low
that you can walk across to the break wall (it isn't usually)

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