Sunday 28 August 2011

Book ~ "Canaduh: Idiots from the Frozen North" (2010) Leland Gregory

From Amazon ~ Gregory sets his sights north to the frozen tundra of Canada to skewer Canadians, in "Canaduh: Idiots from the Frozen North". Inside "Canaduh: Idiots from the Frozen North", Gregory offers hundreds of accounts of Canadian stupidity at its most random and bizarre, starring French-speaking Quebecois, Yukon fur trappers and Arctic Circle Eskimos.

Because the stories Leland chronicles are just that unbelievable, each anecdote, quote, or factoid is presented with relevant background information - including its verified news source.

It's a quick read. The stories are a small page each of unusual things that have happened in Canada.

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Tony said...

I'm writing a book called "Americugh...self-centered war mongers from the stupid south"