Tuesday 16 August 2011

Book ~ "Public Secrets" (2009) Nora Roberts

From Amazon ~ Complex relationships among a believable ensemble of characters give Roberts's romantic thriller much of its appeal. Emma McAvoy, daughter of a British rock star, is only six years old when her infant half-brother Darren is murdered in a bungled kidnapping attempt. Emma, the only witness, remembers little of that night, and while investigators determine that someone close to the family was involved, the case is never solved. Nagged by fears for her safety, Emma's father has her trailed by a bodyguard whenever she is not closed away in a private school. But as she grows up, neither guards nor a loving father can protect her from the nightmares and feelings of guilt that torment her. Nor can they shield her from Darren's murderers. Although it concludes with a satisfyingly gripping finale, the mystery is more a recurring element than a driving force, as the story explores the members of McAvoy's rock group, Emma's devotion to her father (who bought custody of Emma from her abusive, alcoholic mother), her destructive marriage and the father-son detective team whose dedication to the McAvoys and this case lasts more than 20 years.

I liked this book ... there was a lot to it and a lot going on.

It starts out in the 1970s in the early years when the English rock band, Devastation, is just starting to become famous. Emma's father, Brian, is the lead singer and she's friends with the other three guys in the band. There's lots of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll along with the times a'changin'.

We follow Emma after her brother dies, until she's in her twenties, and everyone in her family and circle. I liked the characters we are supposed to like and disliked the nasty ones.

There is abuse in Emma's marriage that I thought was too detailed. I knew what was going on ... I didn't need to live through each punch and kick.

I figured out one of people who murdered Darrin right away and why. The other(s) was/were an interesting touch but I could buy it.

The ending when the murderer(s) is/are caught was silly and wrapped up rather quickly considering the 20+ years of keeping the identity(ies) a secret. That I didn't buy.

All in all, I'd recommend this book if you are looking for something you can sink your teeth in (it's not light reading).

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