Saturday 27 August 2011

Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, ON

Since we were in the 'hood, Gord and I checked out the Evergreen Brick Works.

A site that has known constant transformation — first by two million years of glacial action, later by 100 years of brick making — is being transformed yet again.

This time, Evergreen is turning the buildings of this abandoned industrial site into a lively and engaging community environmental centre that will help create a greener future.

We were too late for the farmers' market (it closes at 1pm) and we walked around the park.

A clay and shale quarry for one hundred years, this 16.5-hectare (40-acre) area has been transformed into a thriving green space managed by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Free and open to everyone, Weston Family Quarry Garden is the back garden to the revitalized industrial pad that is now Evergreen Brick Works.

Spend an afternoon walking along the boardwalks and you’re likely to spot a turtle sunning on a log and fish swimming in the ponds. Look for a great blue heron in the reeds, a family of ducks paddling along and songbirds too. Follow the meandering paths up the North Slope and you’ll be rewarded with an unmatched view of the Toronto skyline. All this in heart of the city.

We walked up the North Slope and, yes, the views are great!

After we walked back down the slope, we walked around the paths around the pond.

This is a artistic map of Toronto with its waterways ... Gord is pointing to where we live.

A great place to spend a couple hours! It was fun to wander around the trails. The view of Toronto at the top of the hill was worth climbing up there for. It was cool to watch the turtles, fish and blue heron.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Blog/Pics Tee! I never knew the Evergreen Brickworks had such incredible sights.

However I am usually there every Saturday morning since I absolutely love the Farmers Market there.

But clearly I've been missing something and need to get my self out of the market for a while linger there a little longer. :) Once again you're introducing me to a Toronto I never knew was there....

JCB said...

Thats an AWESOME spot! Thanks for sharing. I loved it. I think it is my favorite so far :)

Tina said...

yes looks like a fantastic place to look around and take everything in

BunnyMummy said...

Glad you made it over to my neck of the woods. The views always take my breath away.