Tuesday 30 August 2011

Book ~ "Overshadows: An Investigation into a Terrifying Modern Canadian Haunting" (2003) Richard Palmisano

From Amazon ~ In 1995, a young girl living with her abusive mother commits suicide. Shortly afterwards, her spirit returns to the house, only to find her mother gone and strangers moving in. She also finds the older spirits who dwell there, beginning a powerful battle for control of the house - and trapping its new residents in the middle. "Overshadows" chronicles the events of this terrifying multiple haunting but more importantly, it shares the incredible discoveries made during the course of a six-year investigation. This book will challenge and disprove classic theories, and create upheaval in the circle of life-after-death research.

Al and Kellie moved into a townhouse in the spring of 1996 in Toronto. As they were putting their stuff away, they heard a noise of someone coming up the stairs ... but there was no one there. The next day a rocking chair was rocking on its own in one of the bedrooms. The doors to a cabinet kept opening.

With the author (Richard) and Jon (who communicated with the spirits with a pendulum), Al spends a few years researching and discover that not only is the girl who overdosed on drugs still "residing" in the house but there are also other spirits residing there too.

It's an interesting true story.

Do you believe in spirits?

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