Friday 23 September 2011

Split Crow, Halifax, NS

I hadn't eaten since breakfast this morning and I was starving.

So I walked to the Split Crow for supper.

It was a nice evening so I sat on the patio. Others had the same idea.

My nice fresh Keith's! Yum!

I ordered the Crow's Jumbo Wings (hot). I'm not a fan of battered or breaded wings and when I asked, I was assured that they weren't ... alas, there was a light batter on them. They were okay, not great. They were a good size, not exactly jumbo, though. There were ten wings to a pound ($11.50).

I also ordered some Garlic Herb Cheese Bread. It wasn't very herby and it could have stayed in the oven a bit longer as the cheese wasn't quite melted. For $7.25, you get a big serving and I only had a couple slices.

My opinion of the food was that it was just so-so ... not overly exciting and kinda blah. I won't be rushing back.

There was a mouse running around the patio that kind of freaked me out :(

There was a band called The Frequency playing at 9:45pm and I stayed for the first set.

They were okay ... they played covers of older rockish songs.

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Lord of the Wings said...

Awwww - the wings look good. Sorry it wasn't as cool a place as it could have been.

highheeledlife said...

The joys of travelling for work ...
:( ... Oh how I remember those days (not always fun)! The mouse thing would have freaked me out too!

Hope your stay in Halifax gets better ... xo HHL

Beth said...

yeah, the mouse would have freaked me out too! The wings look pretty good, but you are right, the bread looks kind of under cooked. I like my garlic bread well done :)

Tam said...

Thank you for the blog anniversary wish1 I did not even realize that it was today. LOL Love you post....I like you blog and will be back to visit often!