Wednesday 28 September 2011

Piper's Pub, Antigonish, NS

I went to St. Francis Xavier University ("X") in Antigonish from 1980 to 1983 and stayed on after graduation. I moved to Toronto in 1987.

Antigonish is a small town (population of less than 5000). At the time, there was only one tavern in town, the Triangle. I spent a fair bit of time at the Triangle and had lots of fun.

Since I've been in Toronto, it has now become Piper's Pub. After Gord and I had supper at the Wheel this evening, we stopped in Piper's Pub.

I was curious to see what changes there would be. I was expecting it to be cleaned up with booths ... like more of a British pub.

Um ... no.

It's the same but different.

There used to be a wall that separated the front from the back. The older locals sat in the front under the moose- and deerheads. The wall is now gone and there's a bar there now (there's Gord at the bar).

The university students and younger locals sat in the back part. It was just tables and chairs. Same concept today but less tables ... and it's darker.

Apparently Wednesday and Saturday nights are busy. Draft are $3 a glass and there is an open jam at 10pm.

We stayed for a drink. Alas, this didn't live up to my memories.

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Teresa said...

Have a fun weekend away. Sorry to hear the mix up in the suitcases.