Thursday 29 September 2011

Governor's Pub & Eatery, Sydney, NS

Gord and I went to the Governor's Pub & Eatery this evening ... it's near our hotel and we like pubs.

We had supper downstairs.

Gord had the Haddock a la Maison (pan-fried haddock lightly breaded, topped with two scallops, two shrimp and a drizzle hollandaise sauce). He's not a big fish lover but wanted to try some since he was in the Maritimes. He was happy with his choice and ate it all.

I was going to order the Chicken Parm but our server dissuaded me. Instead I ordered the Slow Cooked Pork Back Ribs (1/2 Rack back ribs glazed with our signature rib sauce, served with hand cut fries and our signature crispy coleslaw) and our server was happy with my choice.

Though the ribs were good, they were cold. Cold! When I mentioned it to our server, he asked me if I wanted them to be heated. Shouldn't they have been hot in the first place?! I said I figured they would be microwaved and ruined and he didn't dispute it. So I wasn't overly happy with my meal.

After our meal, we went upstairs to the pub. Boy, was it hot there!

Gord was happy that he got to try some Garrison draft (he can't get it in Toronto). He started and ended with the Red Irish Ale.

Just before we were about to leave, the bartender accidentally split a beer on me ... so my camera, sweatshirt and pants got wet. Grrrrr! Though he was sorry about it, you think he would have comped a glass of wine for me.

All in all, Gord was happy with his experience there and I wasn't.

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Beth said...

wow, cold ribs? I wouldn't have been happy either.