Tuesday 13 September 2011

Book ~ "Extracurricular Activities" (2009) Maggie Barbieri

From Amazon ~ Barbieri's in top form as she delivers a smooth sequel to her witty debut. English professor Alison Bergeron wishes she'd stop getting uninvited visits from her ex-husband, Raymond Stark, fornicator extraordinaire and fellow professor at St. Thomas, a small Catholic university north of New York City. Ray's past conquests include Alison's slutty neighbor, Terri, and St. Thomas student Kathy Miceli, whose recent murder shocked the campus. Then Alison comes home one night to find Ray's body in her kitchen, hands and feet chopped off: the slaying signature of chubby mobster Peter Miceli, Kathy's father. Peter begins stalking Alison, showing up uninvited in her house to proclaim his innocence. Alison reluctantly turns to her soon-to-be-divorced former boyfriend, Bobby Crawford, an NYPD homicide detective, for help and comfort. The plot thickens when Terri disappears, leaving Alison in charge of Trixie, a scene-stealing golden retriever who makes a gruesome discovery. Barbieri juggles romance, murder and mayhem with stark realism and disarming charm.

I like mystery series with continuing characters.

I really liked this book. This is the second in the series of five. I apparently read the first one in the series in 2008 but wasn't all that impressed. Maybe she's gotten better or my tastes have changed? I've reserved the other four from the library so may go back and reread the first one. I'll definitely move forward with the series.

The writing style is engrossing and funny. I found it entertaining to read.

The main characters, Alison and Crawford, are likable as are the other characters. Trixie the dog is cute.

When the ending came, I bought it.

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Beth said...

This sounds pretty good; thanks!