Sunday 25 September 2011

Historical Harbour Tour, Harbour Queen I, Halifax, NS

Sister Sarah and I went on a two hour tour around Halifax Harbour this afternoon on the Harbour Queen I. It was sunny and hot (25C ... 30C with the humidity) ... a great day to be on the water.

The Harbour Queen is a two-story Mississippi-style sternwheeler that offers narrated harbour tours and a daily dinner cruise, and a party cruise on weekends. Join us aboard the Harbour Queen I for an interesting and informative journey through Halifax Harbour. Guests will experience the rich and dramatic history of this North Atlantic Port beginning with its settlement through to current day. Your guide will highlight significant landmarks, a wide variety of vessels, and charm you with traditional folklore.

We first headed towards Bedford Basin to The Narrows ... Halifax is on the left and Dartmouth is on the right.

We went under the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge.

We turned around and headed back the way we came ... Halifax is on the right.

Here I am.

And here is Sister Sarah.

Looking at downtown Halifax.

The Queen Elizabeth was docked. It started its journey in Southhampton, England, and was most recently in Bar Harbour, Maine. It is now on its way to Quebec City. The cruise lasts 24 days and Halifax was day 13.

The Emerald Princess was also docked. It started its journey in New York City and was most recently in Saint John, NB. It is now on its way to Sydney, NS. The cruise lasts 10 days and Halifax was day six.

We rounded Point Pleasant Park and headed towards the Northwest Arm.

Nice place to live!

There is Sir Sandford Fleming Park (aka Dingle Park) where Sister Sarah got married nine years ago.

We headed back out towards Halifax Harbour.

Cheryl was our narrator and gave us lots of info.

Here are Sister Sarah and I.

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Swordsman said...

Great weather fro a cruise. Looks like fun!