Saturday 17 September 2011

The Local, Toronto, ON

As we were leaving the Polish Festival, we were hungry despite the fact that there was lots of food that could be bought.

We were looking for some place to chill for a bit so stopped at The Local which was at the north end of the festival.

We sat on the patio out back.

They have a good selection of Ontario craft beer.

I ordered medium wings ... they were delicately deep fried and then tossed in medium sauce. They were good.

Gord had haddock and fries. He said it was good, though the batter was a bit soggy. The fries were good.

We'd been there before, though it's been a while.

It hit the spot.


Lord of the Wings said...

I went there back in 2007, and thought it was a great little pub. Good wings too!

Susan Demeter said...

I know that place. :) We were at the Ukie fest.

Beth said...

The wings look good!