Wednesday 28 September 2011

The Wheel Pizza and Sub, Antigonish, NS

I went to St. Francis Xavier University ("X") in Antigonish and graduated in 1983.

I lived in residence my first two years and they didn't feed us on the weekends. As a poor student, I didn't have a lot of money. Pretty well every Sunday we would have supper at the Wheel. They took cheques and a small cheese and pepperoni pizza only cost $4. That was in my price range!

Gord has heard me talk about the Wheel and wanted to try it so we went there for supper tonight.

It hasn't changed a bit ... well, except for the prices.

We ordered a large pizza ... pepperoni and bacon on the whole thing, mushrooms on Gord's half and fresh tomatoes on my half.

Yum-mee! It was delicious! Sometimes when you remember things from your past, they don't live up to reality. This time it did. Yay!

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LeeAnn said...

Looks very fact i am now craving pizza..thanks Teena:-)

Have a great weekend with Gord!

Isabel said...

Mmm that looks yummy!!!

Swordsman said...

Great pizza!

MonicaH said...

Looks amazing. So glad it wasn't a disappointment. Now I want some pizza. - Monica

Unknown said...

In 1984 I was born in Antigonish. To this day I can't find a better Donair anywhere in Canada, even Edmonton.