Sunday 25 September 2011

Book ~ "Don't Cry" (2010) Beverly Barton

From Amazon ~ When the bodies of kidnapped women are discovered with long-dead babies in their arms, J.D. Cass of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation gets called in. Therapist Audrey Sherrod, a counselor for families of the victims, has dark secrets in her own family's past. The two despise each other at first but are slowly brought together when Audrey befriends J.D.'s rebellious teenage daughter, Zoe. Barton paces the romance nicely, intertwining it with the mystery and an ever-growing list of suspects. Occasional sloppy prose hurts the flow of the book but readers willing to overlook this will enjoy the action sequences and the leads' antagonistic attraction as well as the assorted twists in the murder case.

This is the first novel by Barton that I've read.

I enjoyed the story ... it was a different mystery. I liked that there was more than one who could have done it and it didn't became obvious who it was until later in the book.

I thought the writing was amateurish. It was repetitive ... for example, I didn't need Cass to continuously review and sum up things for me. Six boys had disappeared ... yep, I remember.

I didn't get pulled emotionally to anyone. Audrey's dad was a A-hole to her but we never find out why. There were a lot of characters and at first I had a hard time keeping them all straight, especially all the cops and mayors who didn't really play that big of a part in the story.

J.D. (a lady's man) and Audrey (a cold professional fish) start out hating each other and then suddenly are in love. I don't think so.

Tam Lovelady (what kind of a name is that for a cop!!??) kept dwelling over a couple things that happened years ago when she was a teenager. Get over it ... move on.

So despite my growlings about this book, I'd read another of her books.


Cindy said...

Sounds interesting, I love a good mystery.
The continually summing up of happenings is something that I can't stand either, one reason that I grow bored with HGTV. They think we have forgotten what happened two minutes before, just a fill in for lack of quality content I think.
I will keep my eyes open for this author.

Beth said...

ha! didn't expect you to say you'd read another one :) I've done that also.