Sunday 25 September 2011

Economy Shoe Shop, Halifax, NS

Sister Sarah and I had brunch at the Economy Shoe Shop today. It was a gorgeous day and we sat on the patio.

Here's looking inside from the patio.

Sister Sarah doesn't eat meat and had eggs, toast and wedge fries ($6).

I had a burger and wedge fries.

It was a good burger! The bun was perfect ... soft and not too doughy. It was a great deal for $10. I saw that nachos are $17 ... that's expensive!

We sat in front of the original restaurant. Over the years, it has expanded and has taken over the two buildings to the right also. They are all interconnected. The space is really cool.

If you went with a crowd, there are lots of nooks and crannies so you'd be able to find a private corner.

We thought it was a cute spot and liked it.

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