Friday 30 September 2011

Crown & Moose, Sydney, NS

Sister Sarah and her husband, Joey, arrived in Sydney this afternoon to join us for the weekend.

We met up with them at the Crown & Moose this evening.

Gord and I shared an order of deep fried pepperoni. I'm not a big fan of it but Gord likes it. The pepperoni could have been cut a bit thicker as it was a bit dried out after it was deep fried.

I ordered wings with medium sauce. I like a saucy wing but this was like wing soup ... waaaaay too much sauce. I put the wings on a platter to get some of the sauce off but it didn't really matter.

Gord also ordered wings. He got his deep fried with Whisky BBQ sauce on the side ... he liked them.

Sister Sarah's friend, Wendy, and her sister joined us (they live in Sydney). Here are Wendy and Sister Sarah (they have known each other for almost 30 years).

Here are Sister Sarah and Joey.

And here Gord and I.

There was a band called Hat Trick playing cover tunes ... they were good.

The bar was jammed! It was mostly people age 30 and up ... apparently it's the place to be on Friday nights.

I would go to this pub again for the music but would go elsewhere for the food.

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Beth said...

Sorry the food wasn't that great.