Thursday 29 September 2011

Maritime Inn, Antigonish, NS

Gord has been to Halifax a few times with me. He's never been anywhere else in Nova Scotia.

Since I was in Nova Scotia because of the sales conference, we hooked up at the airport after it was over yesterday.

We drove down to Antigonish (about two hours from Halifax) to spend the night. I'd gone to university here and ended up living here for a few years after I graduated. He wanted to experience where I'm from.

We stayed at the Maritime Inn on Main Street.

Here's our room.

Antigonish is a small town and there are only a couple hotels. I wanted to stay along Main Street.

This hotel isn't fancy but the room was okay. We were on the ground floor so our rental car was parked just ouside the door which was handy.

The only complaint I have is that the phone didn't work. Huh?! I was trying to deal with the confusion with Gord's suitcase. The phone rang but when I answered, I heard nothing. I said that if whoever was calling could hear me, they should call me on my cell phone and I gave the number (Amber from the airline called right away). When I told the guy at the front desk about it after we came back from supper, he said he'll have it checked out today. Um, we're checking out today so that won't do us any good. Good thing I have my cell phone. When we checked out this morning, the receptionist gave us a $10 credit off our bill.

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