Monday 26 September 2011

The Citadel Halifax Hotel, Halifax, NS

The company I work for is having our annual sales convention in Halifax on today to Wednesday. All the sales team, account managers and education advisors (like me!) will be gathering here.

I flew down on Friday to spend the weekend with Sister Sarah. Since I was paying for my room for the weekend, I wanted something fairly cheap (but not a dump) that was downtown.

And here's my room.

As I was heading to my room for the first time Friday evening (6ish) after I checked in, I passed by four pillows and a mini fridge outside one of the rooms on my floor. Huh? They were still there when I left for supper about 9pm ... and gone when I got back at 11pm.


When I walked into my room, there was a funky smell (it's a non-smoking room). It smelled like stinky socks. I was tempted to buy a scented candle. I left my window open the three days I was there. There were some weird stains on the carpet.

I passed on having my room cleaned Saturday and hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. This hotel has a green policy in that if you don't get your room cleaned, they credit you $5/day. I hung the sign on my door yesterday to service my room as I had no clean towels and had run out of toilet paper. I left at noonish. When I got back about 5ish, my room hadn't been serviced. I called the front desk and was told that it would be taken care of right away. An hour later, they brought towels, etc. When I got my bill this morning, there was no "green" credit for yesterday. Considering they neglected to service my room, I called about it and the credit was applied for yesterday.

I had the air on high and cool and it barely made an impact. So I slept with the window opened for the three nights to let cool air in. It's a noisy street with people heading home from bars late at night. Plus there are tour buses parked right under my window that start up early.

Internet is free. You access it via a yellow cable which they give to you when you check in.

Though it is handy to the mall and pubs and cheap, the next time I will spend the extra $$ to stay elsewhere. You get what you pay for.


Lord of the Wings said...

Interesting place . . .

fasfreddy said...

the food looks ordinary