Wednesday 28 September 2011

Sorry, Lorraine :(

The sales conference ended today just before noon.

I skipped lunch and headed to the airport to hook up with Gord. His flight arrived just after 1pm. We've rented a car and are heading to Cape Breton until Sunday.

When his bag came out, we grabbed it, jumped in the car and headed 2.5 hours to Antigonish for the night.

When we got to the hotel room, he discovered that we'd grabbed the wrong suitcase.


I left a voice message for Lorraine, who belongs to the suitcase (her tag was on the suitcase). Then I called the airline to see where Gord's suitcase is. As soon as I said I was calling on behalf of my husband, the airline woman said, "Gordon?"

Apparently she has been leaving messages on our home number all afternoon. They'd figured out that we'd taken the wrong suitcase way before we did.

I asked if his suitcase could be sent to Sydney and we'd pick it up tomorrow ... but by courier it would cost $450 (whoa!) so we'll pick it up at the airport on Sunday instead.

Lorraine lives in Tatamagouche which is along our way back to the airport. We'll drop her suitcase off to her on Sunday. In the meantime, we had to go shopping for Gord to get him clothes and toiletries to get him through the weekend.

I hope Lorraine isn't too mad at us.

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