Friday 2 September 2011

DSLR 101: Nikon, Henry's School of Imaging, Toronto

I spent this evening in a DSLR 101 workshop for Nikons (4:30pm to 8pm) to learn more about how to use my new camera at Henry's School of Imaging at Church/Queen W.

This course is designed to get you using your new camera quickly by understanding the controls and settings to take beautiful pictures. You will learn how to work your camera's menus, and the techniques needed to get great results in varying conditions. Our courses are hands-on, so bring your camera and a fully charged battery.
  • Buttons, switches & dials and what they do
  • Understanding what-s inside the viewfinder
  • Navigating the camera's menu system
  • Getting started in auto mode
  • Getting better results using scene modes
  • Making use of your focusing options & controls
  • How to use your built-in flash effectively
  • What to do when pictures are too dark or too bright
  • What to do when colour just isn't right
Daniel was our instructor and there were about ten of us in the class ... surprising considering it's a long weekend.

The course was very hands-on. I found it very helpful as Daniel when through pretty well every function on our cameras like what we can do in "program" mode, focusing, etc.

I'm looking forward to playing around and getting used to the functions.

Here's Daniel in action ...

We were given the password so we can log onto their website and have a pdf version of the presentation.

Excellent helpful workshop!

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