Thursday 22 September 2011 rocks!

I ordered contacts (I'm near sighted) from about six months ago and was happy with the service.

I needed new glasses (reading and for distance) so checked out Clearly Contacts. I don't wear glasses often (I usually wear contacts) so didn't want to spend a lot. When I wear contacts, it throws off my up-close vision so I wear reading glasses ... that's my eye doctor told me do. I haven't been able to find any cool reading glasses.

I looked at the sale selection and found lots to choose from. You can load up a picture of yourself so you can "try them on". I didn't like their reading glasses selection so created my own (just a pair of frames with +1 vision).

Monday evening I ordered three pair of reading glasses and three pair for distance ... it came to about $260. So cheap! Delivery was free.

The delivery date was supposed to be next Tuesday ... they arrived this morning (three days after I ordered them ... five days early)! Whoohoo!

The six pair of glasses each come in their own soft bag which is inside a hard case. Also there were six cleaning cloths and six mini screwdrivers. Cool!

I'm not crazy about one of the pair so called the customer service number. Their policy is that if you don't like what you've ordered, they will email you the postage stamp so you can mail them back and they will refund all your money. What a great policy!

If you are looking for contacts and/or glasses, you should definitely check out!


Adaptable Kay said...

I'm SO thankful that I don't have to wear glasses or contacts! It sounds like you found a really good resource, though :)

Beth said...

I need new glasses, and wish I could wear contacts! Glad you have found a good source for contacts.