Saturday 17 September 2011

Skyline Restaurant, Toronto, ON

I'd read a good review of the Skyline Restaurant in Parkdale in BlogTO a couple years ago and have been wanting to check it out.

Gord and I decided to eat lunch out today and I suggested the Skyline ... so we walked to it.

When we walked in, it reminded me of an old style diner.

I asked our server how long the restaurant has been around and she said she thought it was from the 1960s ... and that not much had changed since then.

We both ordered homestyle burgers (real burger rather than frozen) along with a Diet Coke. It was a tasty hearty burger and I wouldn't hesitate to go back for another one.

Two burgers and two cokes were about $17.

What was bizarre was that they had classical music (ie Beethoven) playing.

If you are in Parkdale and looking for a bite to eat, you should check out the Skyline. They have quite a varied diner-style menu.

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Adaptable Kay said...

Oh man, that looks delicious! I'm a big burger connoisseur, so I think that's right up my alley xD

Plus, that dinner is just darling! I bet it's so fun eating there.

Lord of the Wings said...

Love that the place hasn't changed! And those burgers look simple but good.