Thursday 15 September 2011

Lounge at The Fairmont, Winnipeg, MB

I finished conducting my last seminar (the sixth) about 8pm this evening. I dropped the car off at my hotel and went out in hunt for supper.

I checked a couple pubs and they were too loud and seedy for my mood. I was walking to a Mexican restaurant near my hotel when a drunk yelled at me, "Hey Blonde Chick ... can you spare some change?" So I turned around and went back the way I'd come. There is a steakhouse next door but I wasn't willing to pay $40 for steak even though it was on my company's tab. I decided to go back to my room and order a pizza.

As I was going through the lobby, I ran into the friendly concierge and he suggested I check out the lobby lounge.

I was tired and hungry so I did.

My server was extremely friendly. She brought me some peanuts. They tasted different and kinda nasty (pepper, salt and vinegar) but were addictive.

After a long day, my Keiths tasted good. Alas, no local beers on tap to try.

I ordered red Thai curry with chicken. It was okay but tasted like an expensive Lean Cuisine (it was $17). The chicken was the fake processed frozen chicken breast. Yuk :(

So though my belly was full, I was disappointed considering the quality of the hotel I'm staying in.

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Lord of the Wings said...

Oh that sucks . . . I know what it's like to wander around to find a decent meal. And that meal does not look very good. At least you had a good beer.