Saturday 5 October 2019

Toronto Wolfpack 24, Featherstone Rovers 6, Lamport Stadium, Toronto, ON

The Toronto Wolfpack RLFC is a Canadian professional rugby league club, based in here Toronto, which competes in the British Rugby Football League system.  In 2018, the club competed in the Championship, having begun to play in 2017 in League 1 and won a promotion in its inaugural season.  Gord and I have been going to the most of the games since 2017 and have been season ticket holders for the last two years.

The club is noted as being the first North American team to play in the Rugby Football League system, the first fully professional rugby league team in Canada and the world's first transatlantic rugby league team.  Their home stadium is Lamport Stadium (aka "The Den"), which is just a couple blocks from where Gord and I live.

Today was the "Million Pound Game" and the Wolfpack were playing the Featherstone Rovers.  This was the last game of the season and whoever won today's game would advance to the Super League.  The Wolfpack was in the same position last year playing against London ... alas, London won.  Fingers crossed for a better result today.  Go Wolfpack, go!

It was sunny but chilly ... 55F/12C (but felt like 50F/10C).

Here are Gord and I ...

There were lots of Wolfpack fans in the crowd ...

Sue and her friends

Jefferson, the Wolfpack mascot, got ready for the game.

Here comes Section 35, the Wolfpack's unofficial cheering section.

There's the prize that everyone wanted!

Gordo, as usual, was being an A-hole.

Not surprising, there was a lot more media presence.

The Featherstone players got psyched.

The Wolfpack players got psyched.

The Wolfpack Dance Squad entertained.

The Featherstone players had a fairly big cheering section and they were loud!

Here come the Wolfpack players ...

God Save the Queen and O Canada were sung.

And the game began ...

Section 35

At the end of the first half, the Wolfpack were losing 6 - 4.  Oh oh!

There was a recording breaking 9,974 in attendance!

The Wolfpack Dance Squad entertained again along with Jefferson and Gordo, though there did seem to be some tension between Jefferson and Gordo.

There was also a Tina Turner lip syncer, who Gordo seemed to get into.

Then the second half began ...

The Wolfpack won 24 - 6.  Whoohoo!

The Featherstone players thanked their fans for coming out.

Lot of hugs and celebration before the official ceremony ...

Toronto Mayor John Tory was among the dignitaries.

Someone who shouldn't have been on the field was escorted off by security.

They did it!!

Lots of interviews, mingling and chilling afterwards.


Gord and I (and I bet many others since it was jammed) headed to the beer garden at the north end of the stadium.  Needless to say, there was a fun excited vibe!

Sandy and friend
This kid was given a pair of shorts from
one of the Wolfpack players and was so excited!
Owner David Argyle
Gord and owner David Argyle
Bob Hunter, Wolfpack's Chairman and Interim CEO,
and Sandy
Gord and Brian Noble,
Director of Rugby for the Wolfpack
Heather and Gord
This was Ashton Sims' last game ... he's retiring after this year
Some fans were exciting to be given shoes by the players

It was a fun and exciting game and season!  Congrats to the Wolfpack!

Gord and I already have our 2020 season membership purchased and are looking forward to the new season in the Super League!!

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